Hello friend, I'm Katie.

A floral designer, collector and stylist based in the rural countryside just outside of Portland, Oregon. I am deeply inspired by the lush local surroundings and gorgeous mornings here. I have always felt most alive and connected to my true self when I am outdoors and creating. Floral design for me is a lovely blend of my true nature. Foraging about and collecting local materials is a passion of mine, and is also a connection to my community and self.

FLORAL DESIGN   I love to learn people's stories and the history of objects. I am attracted to collections that are worn and hold years of knowledge. Like these objects, I am interested in learning your story, to best create an organic arrangement that best translates your floral language. I seek balance between masculine and feminine, minimalism and rustic, as well as romantic with modern.

STYLING   I arrange object and product together to merge heritage with modern. Building content for web or social media for other creative entrepreneurs and local companies.  I work with supplied product or my own stock as I photograph to build content in my own studio.

When I am not creating, I can be found sipping coffee, exploring my hometown of McMinnville, Oregon or nesting cozily in my hundred year old home with my little ones.

I am available for events, weddings, elopements and collaborations.